Cambo Streater is uniquely qualified to lead this department with over 40 years of distinguished law enforcement experience. He will improve public safety making Chesterfield County a safer place to call home. Cambo will implement programs that are proven to prevent crime, increase the law enforcement presence in our communities, and support our officers with the resources they need to do their job effectively.

More Boots on the Ground.

Confronting the violent crime rate is a top priority. Violent crimes escalated to 33% in Chesterfield County from 2018-2020.* Covering more than 800 square miles of Chesterfield County starts by increasing the number of officers on the road. This can be accomplished by a thorough review of current positions and reallocation where necessary to better serve our county. Increasing police presence reduces crime, shortens response time, and uncovers patterns.

Officer and Community Safety.

Providing officers with the resources they need keeps them as safe as possible and improves public safety. Advanced training and officer awareness of advanced resources will be provided. Collaborations with related agencies for training and response will be initiated. Increased intelligence and information gathering will support officers.

Attacking Property Crime.

1400+ property crimes were reported in 2020.* A primarily rural county like ours presents challenges to some traditional law enforcement responses. Safety Assessment and Education Programs will be made available to property and business owners. Increased community involvement and collaboration is imperative. Resources will be focused through mapping technology. Increased intelligence will be provided to officers. Compliance tracking of stolen property outlets will be heightened.

A Working Sheriff.

Cambo leads by example and firmly believes this office belongs to the people of Chesterfield County. He will be more accessible to all residents by offering weekly office hours throughout the county. Citizen and officer input will be encouraged and acknowledged. Cambo will ensure budget transparency and best use of the resources allocated to the office. Jail overcrowding and the safety of detention officers and detainees will also be a priority.